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Featuring fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and comics by 48 writers from around the world, QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology proves that intersectionality isn’t just a buzzword.

It’s a penetrating and unforgettable look into the hearts and souls of those defiant enough to explore their own vulnerabilities and demonstrate their own strengths.

“Queer sexuality and disability places me so far outside the realms of the everyday that it renders people silent.” —Jax Jacki Brown

QDA is a gathering of people with the transformative—and political—power of love that transcends gender and ability. Ignorance is the biggest barrier.

“I feel exhilarated that you might actually accept me as a sexual being; that you might see the deliciousness that is my disability.” —Andrew Morrison-Gurza

“An anthology often creates a community. In this respect, QDA is truly groundbreaking because it brings two wonderful communities together. There is not a single style, genre, or opinion in the book, but an orchestra of voices. Their seminal works mirror—and do not mirror—each other. Taken together, they light a brilliant path of honesty.” —Jennifer Bartlett, co-editor of Beauty Is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability


The book is already garnering critical attention. Karrie Higgins shares on her blog her reactions to QDA (which got picked up on Huffington Post!), and Sandra Lambert writes about QDA for Lambda Literary Review.


Writers featured in this book include: D. Allen _ Bex _ Jax Jacki Brown _ Lydia Brown _ Larry Connolly _ David Cummer _ Brenna Cyr _ Meg Day _ Christopher Dempsey _ Carl Wayne Denney _ Arthur Durkee _ Mark Ellis _ Monique Flynn _ Allison Fradkin _ Kenny Fries _ Joel Gates _ Beatrice Hale _ Tak Hallus _ Stephanie Heit _ Sara Ibraham _ Jason T. Ingram _ Cyrée Jarelle Johnson _ John R. Killacky _ Petra Kuppers _ Travis Chi Wing Lau _ Katharina Love _ Toranse Lowell _ Liv Mammone _ Kit Mead _ Donna Minkowitz _ Andrew Morrison-Gurza _ Zak Plum _ Marika Prokosh _ Kristen Ringman _ Michael Russell _ Barbara Ruth _ Lucas Scheelk _ James Schwartz _ Maverick Smith _ The Poet Spiel _ Whittier Strong _ John Whittier Treat _ Gregory Villa _ Ashley Volion _ Nola Weber _ Quintan Ana Wikswo _ Donna Williams _ Kathi Wolfe.

About the Editor: Raymond Luczak is the author and editor of 19 books, including From Heart into Art: Interviews with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Artists and Their Allies, How to Kill Poetry, and Men with Their Hands. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

ISBN: 978-1-941960-02-8
374 pages. 6" x 9"
Paperback: $30.00

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